Balance = Work/Life +

At a time when attorneys are sometimes desperate for a job, any job – let alone a job that provides satisfaction – worrying about [or even attaining] work-life balance may seem a luxury.  Most legal employment opportunities fail to realistically lend a balance of work obligations with rewarding personal and family time because a traditional legal career offers the greatest rewards to those attorneys who live, breathe, and embody the concept of first-in and last out.  However, such a life-outlook can prove detrimental in the long-term.   

As an attorney, I understand the time and energy necessary to provide effective services; however, as a husband and a father, I also understand the sacrifices necessary to maintain an effective home life.  Reflecting on the past eight years despite the implementation of even the most seemingly efficient time-management techniques in attempting to obtain balance between work and home, I have come to find that no magical equation exists as such is unique to each attorney. 

The only truism is that a happy home life fuels a better work life.  Many colleagues have complained [as I used to do] that they often have “no time” to do anything more than what work demands.  Work for attorneys necessarily precipitates burdensome efforts resulting in an endless cycle of self-examination and worry that merely revolves around anew with the next client.  As a result, attorneys should act in their best interest but many times the circumstances disallow such a path.  Obviously, we all wish more time was available in the day but just as “justice” is based on perspective, so too, is work-life balance. 

Finding work-life balance is less about the result and more about control of the process: (1) questioning your priorities and (2) honestly ascertaining what matters in your life.  Accordingly, we strive to provide work-life balance for attorneys so you can prioritize what matters most to you.  Whether a solo, small firm, or large firm litigator: why not see your practice grow from a grinding job into a successful practice? 

Solo and small firm practitioners personify the workaholic practice.  Large firm practitioners must adhere to commonplace requirements of ever increasing billable hours.  In addition, all attorneys in private practice are expected or required to be “rainmakers” – ones to bring new clients into the firm or promote continued business from existing clients.  Consequently, work-life balance is an ever-elusive myth unless you have a concrete plan to create more time at work.  To achieve your goal[s], how about efficiently expanding your team to provide professional, ethical, and quality, superior services: enter

Whether solo, small, or large firm practitioners, no one can work 24 hours a day, 365 days a years for years on end.  However, as a busy litigator you probably spend less time in your office researching and drafting quality work-product than you do with judges, clients, and other attorneys.  Wouldn’t you love to (A) be more organized; (B) properly prepare for meetings, hearings, depositions, or trial; (C) submit thoroughly researched and meticulously drafted documents to the court and opposing counsel; and (D) block time for “life-things” that are most significant? 

Work-life balance is an abstract fluid concept that endlessly ebbs and flows as your life constantly changes.  Amidst the hustle and bustle of your daily attorney grind, we can relieve the stress associated with your legal practice to not only increase your productivity but also your happiness.  Nearly two years removed from an unknown foreign world, we totally reframed what work-life balance was for us, personally and professionally; thus, understanding that work-life balance is real and possible.  To that end, maintains its mission: to provide you with control over your work-life balance.