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Federal Compassionate Release & COVID-19

Photo by Edward Jenner from Pexels Since March 2020 COVID-19 has rocked the United States, causing closures of schools, business, churches,…

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Federal Compassionate Release & COVID-19
The 411 on a Motion to Dismiss

The 411 on a Motion to Dismiss

So you (or your client) have been served with a Complaint. What now? The first thing you should…

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The 411 on a Complaint

The Complaint is one of the most important legal documents in your case, as it controls not only…

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The 411 on a Complaint
Balance = Work/Life + MotionDrafting.com

Balance = Work/Life + MotionDrafting.com

At a time when attorneys are sometimes desperate for a job, any job – let alone a job…

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